A woman's journey with Ania in the direction of conscious blossoming is a wonderful adventure. Ania helps me to discover new perspectives to use my intuition, she co-creates a space for personal exploration and personal growth. Each meeting with Ania brings the feeling of connection and mutual presence. I deeply recommend a session with Ania.


When I first had a chance to meet Ania and saw her positive energy, I felt in the right place and time. After a few individual and group sessions, I got off the trauma. She gave me the mental support and also tools to regulate emotions through conscious breathing, movement, dance, and art. Now, I feel more self-confident and more grounded and present.


Anna demonstrates the ability to adapt practical knowledge to the needs of participants in highly intuitive way. During projects in the area of communication, talent management, and coaching, she demonstrates commitment and punctuality. Participants appreciate her competencies, her attractive and accessible way of conveying knowledge, and the dynamic pace of classes.

Prominet College


Anna is highly professional, confident, experienced yet empathetic therapist. Her knowledge is broad and understanding of human soul and complexity deep and profound. She will know exactly what is your capacity at the moment and how far she can push your growth. I felt safe and inspired. Therapy with her changed my life. I am extremely grateful to get to know her.


Ania created a new choreography of your life just for you, in which you will be able to dance every step, every move, in a way that helps you complete and achieve your goal. Through dance, Ania will discover your beauty. She is the best choreographer. I recommend everyone sessions with Anna because then your life dance will be easier for you and the surrounding world.



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