Professional Services

Professional services 


During sessions with my clients, I focus on building dialogue and active multi-dimensional listening. My attempt is to support my clients in their current situations and help them to find new life paths or new resources to implement creative solutions for the future. I notice possibilities of change, however, the responsibility is on the client’s side.  I encourage you to change your perspective of looking at yourself and the world after experiencing sessions. Also, my goal is to push you to implement new attitudes and behaviors in your life by using your individual and unique potential.

All sessions I lead both online and live. Contact me for more details.


Family Constellation

Sessions are designed to look for hidden patterns, behaviours, and attitudes that from generations influence our lives in many ways. From  building personal and professional relationships to business dealings, success, struggles  and personal brand establishment. 


We discover the mechanisms of hidden, intricate relations to family members of our system, cursed in disease and/or dissatisfaction in various areas of our lives. By participating in the morphogenetic field, we transform old outdated, non desired patterns into new, conscious  possibilities and choices.  

We leave responsibility and fault to those to whom it belongs and the penance which we unconsciously impose on our lives. We open ourselves to more … We reach for more with respect for those who came before us and who lived their destiny and have a unique history.

A session with a Family Constellations can be an intensely emotional experience. It leads to somatic release, liberates breath, and restores the natural flow of energy in our body. It supports grounding and feeling of personal space and awareness of own boundaries.

Depending on the need or circumstances of an individual this session can be finalised with genogram analysis, meditation with ancestors, or balance the nervous system by dance and movement.

Duration: 75- 90 min



Health Coaching 

Health is a natural state of our being. It manifests itself in vitality, energy, the ability to enjoy life in an optimal way, both for oneself and others and for the environment. During the session, we reach the source where our energy has been blocked, where the stream of our life has narrowed and stopped flowing. 

This stage creates conditions for symptoms of diseases or chronic tensions in the body. By neutralizing the effects of a given trauma or strong belief, we restore our body to recover, giving it a new life and strengths. 

The methods of work: dialogue with the body, Family Constellations, work with trauma-based on elements of Somatic Experiencing.

In this area, I cooperate with specialists in the fields of work with the body (osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, Chinese medicine, the Lowen method, yoga).

In more complex cases, I recommend working with other specialists for 3 or 6-month recovery programs.


Duration: 60- 75 min


Life Coaching 

The life coaching session is based on creating and analysing the Circle of Life and the Hero’s journey. I will accompany you to your destination. The essence of these sessions is finding and defining the optimal path to reach your goal, neutralising difficulties and obstacles, and discovering the needed resources.

I invite you to transformation at the level of belief, value as well as identity. When it’s needed I add the elements of mentoring especially in the area of education and career. During the meetings, I encourage you to discover your own power of personality, responsibility, and creativity. As a therapeutic method, I use systemic thinking, parables, metaphors. I can also recommend you literature or perform a developmental exercise.


Duration: 60- 75 min


body moves

Body Moves 

The Body Moves session is an invitation to practice free, uninhibited movement, which is a tool for reaching resources and solutions outside the rational sphere. During the session, the client determines the topic he wants to explore, e.g. health, creativity, flexibility, relationship with myself, relationship with others. We put a given topic in motion, dance, and individual expression.

The next steps are to transform movement into drawing, analyse creativity, give a new meaning and integrate the whole process. The results of the Body Moves session are increased awareness and self-agency regarding the problem, access to the new solutions, meanings, new directions, actions, and relaxation of the body. Participants appreciate the Body Moves sessions because they notice an increase in energy, creativity, and sensitivity, as well as emotional integration.

Duration: 75 minutes


Talent Coaching 

Talent Coaching session is based on the test results of the Clifton Strengths Assessment. At least one week before the session you are required to fill the test on the official website of Gallup ( and send me by e-mail test results.

It is a deep analysis of the group of talents and recommendations for their development and application in the sphere of private or professional life. An important element is to define the goal that we want to achieve using our talents. Knowing your key talents, which can consciously become our strengths, accelerates and significantly optimizes the achievement and implementation of goals. It brings energy to our actions and strengthens self-esteem. A talent understood as any positive pattern of thinking, acting, feeling and social impact has significant meaning on behaviors that build beliefs, values , and identity. A talent coaching session is an experience of your self-agency and a chance to make the world a better place by recognizing and using your own unique potential.

Business Constellation 

Business constellations focus on topics such as the effectiveness of your team, optimization of corporations, positioning of products and services, increasing the profitability of the company, building positive communication with customers and contractors, and the selection of an appropriate team.


The systemic approach makes it possible to recognize the entire spectrum of interdependencies in the whole organisation. It provides effective tools for balance, well-being, optimal relationships in the company, and financial flow. It allows you to constructively plan goals and perspectives for the future. It shows limitations referring to existing orders and rules as well as systemic solutions that bring stability, hope, self and company efficiency.

A business constellation session is also based on universal values ​​such as belonging, balance, appreciation, and commitment.

It is intended for both leaders and managers as well as self-employed people.

Duration: 75 minutes